Tell us a little about yourself; what are your interests? Do you earn your living in the green Industry?

I have a background in design and I was involved in this field but felt I needed a change and wanted to move into the green industry. I am currently working with a team that runs a Green Website that highlights all the green events, green design and green lifestyle in and around Johannesburg. There is also a site running for Cape Town. I may not have been earning from it but since doing the Residential course with Tina I certainly have been spending some time answering questions and giving advice to family and friends on how they can make their homes more efficient.

You did our Office Eco Manager Course last year. How did you find out about the course?

As I mentioned earlier I had done a Residential course with Tina and she was in contact with her past students and let us know she would be facilitating this course through Terra Firma Academy. I really enjoyed the Residential course with Tina and was excited to hear about the Office Eco course she was facilitating.

Why did you choose the course you did? Did you have a clear idea about what you wanted to learn and gain from the course?

I was eager to add to the skills I had gained during the Residential course and to further my knowledge in the green industry. I wanted to learn about efficiency in an environment different to the Residential environment.

Did you enjoy the course? Did you find it easy to follow and relevant with what you were expecting to come away with?

Yes! I learned so much during the course, there was so much information to absorb! If anything I realised how much there is that I still need to learn about!

Was the Facilitator effective in explaining some of the more complex content? Did you enjoy the hands on practical edge of the course?

Yes! Tina is a fantastic facilitator with a wealth of knowledge! Her experience in the field really comes across and I felt we gained so much additional information that was not necessarily in the course content. I really enjoyed the practical aspect of the course. It is one thing to learn the theory but to actually understand the implementation of the practice is hugely valuable.

I also really enjoyed the interaction with the other participants. The class was small enough that we had plenty of discussions and lots of opportunity to ask Tina questions. I really learned a lot through this.

What has changed for you since you took the course? How are you using what you learned during the course?

I definitely feel more confident since doing the course. I feel I can give advice around efficient behaviour and practices in the office environment and have confidence in the fact that I know what I’m talking about! I feel that completing this course adds credibility to the skills I would like to offer; I now feel I have a qualification rather than just an interest!

I have also found that I now know the right questions to ask! Now that I know what I’m talking about and am confident in my knowledge I am asking the right questions of people, be them engineers or technicians etc. This has resulted in me learning even more!

Do you think this course assists students and their move into the green industry? Will it make a difference in their future Green career?

Yes most definitely. I especially feel that in the instance of the Office environment a lot of the time people will already be a part of an office team and will have been given the go- ahead from management to start new projects and make changes. This course really equips you with the skills you require to make these changes. It gives you confidence and the know-how to implement change and can really pull people up and start them on their green career journey!

Do you have any advice to give any prospective students or people who may be interested in taking one of our courses?

Do it! Enrol in a course! Take this opportunity, ask questions and absorb as much information as you can!

Do you have an opinion on the emerging green economy of our country and its potential for job growth?

I definitely feel that the potential for job growth is there. I do feel there perhaps needs to be a shift in focus from creating new jobs to more of an emphasis on up-skilling and training. I feel the growing green industry holds plenty of opportunity for our country. A lot of the jobs that are emerging don’t require a degree. A lot of the work is hands on and very practical. I think training is going to play an important role!