My Success Story – Daniel Mupindurwa

Daniel enrolled in our Residential Eco Consultant course in Johannesburg in July 2016.

How did you find out about Terra Firma Academy?

I was exploring the internet looking for any institutions that offered training in “going green” related subjects. Terra Firma Academy was listed by Google search and then I followed the link.

What drove you to search for training in the first place?

As a founding member of the Green Building Council of Zimbabwe and also a business operator within the facilities management sector in Zimbabwe, I needed to be well informed and stay ahead in terms of anything that has to do with my line of work. I really wanted to differentiate myself and at the same time learn new skills that would help grow my business in a very strategic way.

What was your expectation of the training, and was it met, superseded or not quite what you expected?

As a person who knew a bit on the subjects that I wanted further training for, I should say the training met my expectations. I got what I really wanted.

Have you done any similar short courses, and if so, how did they compare?

It was the first short course I undertook particularly for the subject

What is your success story – how did the training help you achieve your goals?

After the training, I managed to introduce a new service for my company, eco-auditing. The skills I acquired during the training made it easy for me to deal with my clients as I managed to effectively demonstrate how to reduce energy and water consumption, something that directly benefited the clients at their homes. Eco-auditing has provided a competitive edge for my company.

Did the training you did come up in your job interview?


Have you managed to use the learning and insight you gained from the training in your job?

I should say that my company is now known as “the greenest ones”.

Now that you have experienced the benefits of training to ‘get ahead’/find a job, what is your next step in terms of your career?

As a business owner, I hope to do anything that will “keep me ahead”. I have started on a new path for my business, green building consultancy, of which eco-auditing is a key area. I hope to get everyone on the team to train and acquire the same skills I have. This will help my company to prosper.