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Residential Eco Consulting. What are the financial benefits for your home?

Residential contribution to environmental degradation is often considered a minor issue in relation to industrial and agricultural processes. Whilst these industrial and agricultural processes have a large impact on greenhouse gases and use large quantities of water, the residential sector cannot distance itself from it. Household behaviour is a considerable source of environmental harms and […]

Interview with Tracy Frayne

Tell us a little about yourself; what are your interests? Do you earn your living in the green Industry? I have a background in design and I was involved in this field but felt I needed a change and wanted to move into the green industry. I am currently working with a team that runs […]

Interview with Martina Gluckman

Terra Firma Academy interviewed residential eco consultant, Martina Gluckman, a thought leader in the field of residential eco-consulting. She has designed and delivered numerous courses in this field. Martina has personally educated hundreds of students who today make up the green professional workforce that is changing the residential landscape for the better. Terra Firma Academy How efficient […]

What is Green?

By now, we all have read stacks of environmental articles, received plenty of earth friendly newsletters, joined social green networks, been to numerous gatherings and discussions on green awareness and environmental care. We are informed, we are aware – but how green are we really? What makes us green? Green is a very wide term […]